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Esposure Prog 1On the 19th February 2016 we set off to a rural area in Sinnapaduwa Akkarapaha for our exposure programme.We spent three days there. In the morning we visited the families in the area. They shared their life experiences with us. In the evening we organized a programme for the children in the village. We gathered them together and divided them into groups according to their ages. They were given time to express themselves and then we did some exercises with them.  
The Following day we organized many activities, such as meditation, hand work, letters, how to pray the Rosary and sing songs. We instructed parents how to handle their children and how to save money. We explained how to clean their houses and also stressed the importance of children’s studies, for we heard that the children don’t study much.

However they willingly listened to us and continually came for our programmes and spent their time with us. As we see these people are facing many difficulties; especially the lack of drinking water, schools being far away, having only temporary houses etc.They are married to their own relatives. These people have no proper roads and no hospital. Even so, with what they have, they are satisfied with their life.

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