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Congrats! to the Leadership team for being effective transmitters of the ICA Eco Sessions. The God of the Dance captured our minds and hearts to a gentle, graceful & holistic movement of Prayer. Thanks to our Mission Partner Nisansala.

– The Mystery of Love dwelling in us perceived in the now –

It was indeed an opportunity and blessing to be interconnected and strengthened in our regional bonds that link us up with the forth coming General Chapter, calling forth, all of us participants to a single minded Commitment, enabling us to be re-energized with our God experience.

In this journey of Faith and Communion, flowing into our Charism of Liberation and Salvation, unlocking structures , moving forward in the process of risking & daring, while unfolding our Mission of Reconciliation & Justice within the frame work of prayer. Look out for a transformation within & without as we gather inspiration from Scriptures Jn. 4 / 1 - 42

Remember the dialogue Jesus had with the Samaritan woman , who enthusiastically plunged herself into being a Missionary – Committed to bring the Good News to whoever she met. Recall the African Poem: ‘ If you want to go fast, go alone / If you want to go far, go together’ – Sr. John Storey


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