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207My dear sisters and Lay Partners,

This evening is a very significant moment in the history of our Congregation.

Our Holy Founders, St.John Eudes and St.Mary Euphrasia must be feeling their‘ hearts aflutter’ at the historic event that is taking place in our Congregation today – the merger of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity and the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd. I am certain that this good news of coming together of our two Religious families, will echo with great Joy throughout the Good Shepherd world today.

This Celebration becomes more vibrant and meaningful with the beautiful Feast of the Sacred Heart. St. John Eudes, St.Mary Euphrasia, and Blessed Maria Droste had a great love and devotion to the Heart of Jesus.

One source, one Charism, one spirituality, one Mission.
Let us praise God for His inspiration to our two Congregations to work towards this reunification; for the opportunity given to us to travel together in this journey of enrichment in the past few years, leading to the merger. Let us continue this journey energised by the Spirit risking together with greater zeal to bring forth life in everyone and especially in those who are waiting for us at the margins.

This evening is also very special to us the Good Shepherd sisters in Sri-Lanka/Pakistan as we are launching our website, a long-felt need in our province. Our time is being fast consumed by work and many other commitments, but social networking sites offer us opportunities to communicate in a speedy and efficient manner and to build inter-relationships and reach out to many more people.

While extending my gratitude to you for all the energy you have shared, to setup this website, I hope and pray that this facility will be a great asset to us, to forge ahead together in our mission of Shepherding.

May the Fire of Compassion burst into flames in the depths of our hearts!

Sr. Francine Muthugala
(Province Leader – Sri Lanka/Pakistan)

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